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How The Hybrid Workweek & A Post-Vaccine Mindset Will Shape Future Home Buyer Preferences in Los Angeles

How The Hybrid Workweek & A Post-Vaccine Mindset Will Shape Future Home Buyer Preferences in Los Angeles

Here in LA, commutes have motivated many homebuyers to choose their homes wisely when choosing to buy. After all, the legendary traffic can really make the difference between a job being pleasant and the combined work+commute timeline being incredibly long.

However, as home buyers experience the vaccine rollout, they are still being motivated by many of the factors that affected the housing market during the pandemic’s most intense months. The experiences of social distancing and working from home may create some semi-permanent shifts in demand, and if you’re selling a house, you should know what those trends are!

Location/Commute Premiums Changing

There will always be neighborhoods closer to particular jobs that draw a specific motivated buyer, but top real estate agents are seeing that commute isn’t as big a value as it was in the past. For one thing, many companies have discovered that their teams are just as productive or more so while working from home, allowing families to take short commutes off their list of must-haves, allowing them to consider more properties.

Even companies that are returning to the office are often choosing a hybrid schedule, with only a few days in office per week. This allows many families to justify a longer commute since they’ll make it less often, allowing them to get a property that is cheaper or larger in a farther-out community.

Home Office Spaces Remaining Key With Hybrid Schedule Rise

This hybrid schedule, however, means that bigger homes with plenty of home office space are going for a premium. For dual income earners, the idea of having a shared home office or working from the couch is starting to lose its appeal, even if it worked during the height of the pre-vaccine pandemic.

Therefore, be sure to highlight spaces that can serve as home offices, like finished basements, bonus rooms, and permanently-partitioned areas of the home. More bedrooms will always have its appeal, but these other features could go a long way to bringing in a buyer as well.

Outdoor Space Fetches Premiums

While patios and backyards have always added to the value of a property, post-vaccine families are still remembering the good times that having a backyard or other outdoor space provided them. If you are selling a home with a strong set of outdoor upgrades, like an outdoor kitchen, make sure you include that information in any marketing. Places with plenty of outdoor entertaining space are selling for a premium right now, perhaps as people retain their new hobbies of entertaining small groups at home. It can’t hurt to capitalize on increased demand for hot tubs and pools these days either!

A Big Deal Forever: Schools in the Area

Even with some families opting for virtual school during the past year, letting children school from home, this doesn’t seem to be affecting their house purchase choice. Especially among families with young children (usually the Millennial generation right now), school districts are a top concern with purchasing a home. Expect homebuyers, even those who are exhibiting a lot of interest in home offices and outdoor entertainment areas, to still want a great neighborhood school as well.

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