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What are Homebuyers Looking For in 2021? Here Are the Hottest Outdoor Features

As you probably already know, the real estate market in Southern California is hot! With remote work becoming the norm across much of the United States, at least for now, people are looking to relocate for sun and waves, seeking a home where they can settle in for a work/live/staycation. If you are looking to sell your home in 2021, there are some features that you might want to highlight to most appeal to buyers. The real estate experts at HomeLight polled more than 1,000 agents across the United States to assess the market in its Q4 2020 insights survey, breaking down what buyers are looking for by region. Here are some upgrades to consider to take advantage of the great outdoors and have buyers knocking on your door.

Dedicate the space with a deck or patio
With shelter in place restrictions, expanding square footage to the outdoors is on trend, especially in regions with milder climates, as we have in California. Having space in your backyard is the first step, and adding a deck or patio, can take it to the next level for outdoor entertaining. If you already have a dedicated outdoor space, you can consider having it updated, such as by having wood decks refinished, or repairing cracks if you are working with concrete. Hiring an expert can help you to assess the best options and get a ballpark price estimate.

Go master chef, outdoors
Everyone is cooking at home more this year, and buyers in California are looking for home-cooking with a twist — in outdoor kitchens. Why not go all out for open-air entertaining? In fact, in the survey 57 percent of agents in the Pacific region said that this feature is something that buyers are looking for. We’re not only talking about grills — ranges, refrigerators, sinks, and wet bars, are some of the top outdoor kitchen features to consider.

Keep it to yourself with a privacy hedge or fence
A lush, green backyard can transport you to a vacation setting, with the added benefit that it can create privacy for group gatherings if you have neighbors. This could be why nearly 50 percent of agents across the country, the West included, said privacy hedges or fences are top of mind for buyers. If you want to add this upgrade consider the dual purpose of adding living decor while upping your privacy level, but don’t forget about an irrigation system. This is how buyer’s can get more bang for their buck by expanding their living space to the outdoors!

Make it cozy with a fire pit
With the benefit of a mild temperate climate, outdoor gatherings aren’t limited to the daytime, and a firepit can create a cozy atmosphere for a backyard in the evenings — as more than 50 percent of agents in the survey agreed. But keep in mind, If you have a homeowner’s association, be sure to check on any regulations before going for something in-ground, and opting for a moveable fire pit as an easy alternative. The advantage of a portable campfire is that it can be moved to different parts of your yard if you decide to rearrange outdoor furniture or go for a full backyard remodel in the future.

Finding the best outdoor upgrades for your home will depend on many factors such as how much you want to spend, how much space you have to work with, and assessing the return on investment after selling. Knowing what buyers are looking for and how to incorporate some of these features into your backyard can help you sell your home in 2021.

There are so many ideas to consider and we always have our fingers on the pulse of what is trending in the market. We know how to help you prepare your home for sale and do everything possible to get you top dollar. In the end, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next blog post from Wendy Rich-Soto and the entire team!

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