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Why Must You Stage Your Home?

Here’s why staging your home is key to selling for top dollar.

More often than not, sellers will ask me this all-important question when I sit down with them for a consultation: “Why should we have to stage our home?” It’s a fair question, especially if they’ll still be living in the home while they try to sell it. Luckily, staging is a service that I offer to all of my clients for free. I stage my clients’ homes myself, as opposed to hiring a third-party staging company. A private staging company would charge you about $5,000 for their services.

Starting at 0:40 in the video above, you can see some before-and-after photos of my staging work. I stage by feeding off of the vibe of the home itself. We use people’s furniture strategically or stage around it if they’re living in the home. We also help people to declutter and depersonalize their space, making it easier for buyers to visualize themselves living there. Remember: How we live in our homes is different than how they should be marketed. 

“Staging helps your home look tasteful and current, which allows you to fetch top dollar on the market.”

Staging helps you to net more money from your home sale than you likely thought was possible. That’s why I love offering this service. Recently, I listed a property in an upscale complex here in San Pedro—a lovely place with stunning views. I helped that seller depersonalize their space, then did creative staging with some of their belongings. 

The photos turned out great (our comprehensive marketing approach is top-notch), and we sold it right away. In the first week on market, we got way more than we initially expected; it’s the highest sale to date in that entire complex. In fact, the next two properties in that complex to come onto the market ended up sitting there for months. When they finally sold, they did so for nothing close to where we closed ours. 

The numbers bear it out: Staging is key to selling for top dollar. If you have someone willing to put in the work to get your home properly staged, you’re already ahead of the curve. Why not let me stage your home for maximum value on the market? 

Give us a call today if you’re thinking about selling soon and would like to learn more about staging your home. We’d love to help you make the most of your sale.

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