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“Wendy was fantastic! She introduced me to a city I didn’t know very well and worked very hard to find everything I wanted in my new home. She was available and very knowledgeable, which made a huge difference. Very happy!”

D. BeltonBuyerVista Del Oro, San Pedro

Wendy was excellent to work with, very responsive, very knowledgeable about the market, specifically about why the house was worth significantly more than the Zillow estimate. The house had bids over asking within a day or so, and in less than a week we were moving toward closing with a high quality offer that was about 10% over asking. Great experience, great (and fast) outcome.

She also made it easy for the two of us sellers (siblings) who both live outside California and far from each other to get all the paperwork done. This was a trust sale and we needed someone who could work with our attorney and have feet on the ground in California. Wendy took the ball and ran with it! Thank you Wendy!

E. CarsonSeller6960 Abbottswood Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA








“Wendy is INCREDIBLE to work with! She really took the time to get to know my fiancé and I, which made all the difference in finding the right house for us. As first time home buyers we honestly had no idea what questions we should be asking or what red flags we should be looking out for when we visited properties. She not only had our backs throughout the entire process, but took the time to walk us through what she was looking for on the sites and in the contracts so we would be confident in our choices and be informed through every step. I felt incredibly taken care of from start to finish and could not be more grateful that we found someone who seemed to really care about us and our happiness. Plus, Wendy is just a gem of a person all the way around and was a joy to spend time with over the months we were looking for the perfect house. I couldn’t recommend her more.

Daleside Dr, Hawthorne, CA

Daladier Drive Rancho Palos VerdesWendy did a great job representing both sides of a very complicated escrow. If anything could go wrong during the process, it did.

She handled every obstacle that came along and did an amazing job negotiating for both sides of the transaction.

She was super patient throughout the process and found solutions that worked for everyone. She is a very compassionate person with a strong moral compass that is really there to help you.

Thanks to her I finally have the home I always wanted!”


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2323 Daladier Dr, Rancho Palos Verdes 90275

“We decided in February that we wanted to move out of our condo and into a new home. Wendy met with us in February and went through open houses for multiple Saturdays in a row. She helped us put in multiple offers until we got our dream home. In the middle of buying our home, California went into shelter in place due to Covid 19. That was a confusing and scary time, but Wendy stayed right by our side and kept us informed. She was able to help us during the inspection and not only recommend, but set up the repairs that needed to be done. We then had to sell our condo, and Wendy was up for that challenge too! She helped us get it ready to sell, and did an incredible job in it listing it. Wendy is a HARD worker, and someone that I am so grateful to know. She is truly the best in the business and I have no regrets in using her at all.

N Colorado Place, Long Beach, CA

“Wendy worked with us on our first home purchase. She was patient with us making up our minds and did not pressure us to “buy, buy, buy”. Wendy helped put offers and the process in perspective, as well as, helping us find contractors to fix up a few things around the house. Additionally, she helped us find a backup lender on a short term that was able to come through when our primary lender got flaky due to COVID.

24th Street, Santa Monica, CA

“Wendy’s communication is/was amazing! No matter the time of day, nobody will work harder to make sure your home buying experience is a positive one. Wendy’s level of attentiveness of pursuing a home for us in such a short amount of time couldn’t have been more appreciated. We came to realize the great value of a great Realtor, very quickly! Her experience and utmost professionalism proved absolutely necessary as we worked through the buying processes. We sincerely appreciate Wendy’s integrity, honesty and knowledge of the real estate market. Additionally, her team and their constant promptness, professionalism and attention to detail, impressed and never failed us. Thank you again for helping us to move into our new home, which we are ecstatic with! Reaching out to Wendy was one of the best decisions we have ever made.”


Brett Place, San Pedro, CA

“I was a real estate broker in two major competitive markets: New York City (Manhattan) and Palm Beach, FL, so I can be a tough customer. Wendy was one of the most professional brokers I have used in years. She listened to my complaints about the condo she showed me, and a few hours later I received an email from her outlining all the things she heard me say. When I went to contract on the one I eventually bought, she handled all the details with meticulous attention. I highly recommend her.

Leland Street, San Pedro, CA

“Wendy’s honesty, integrity and willingness to go the extra mile were amazing.  Her sales approach and always keeping us informed as to all aspects of the transaction were extremely professional to say the least and made us feel very comfortable and protected. Thank goodness for having realtors like Wendy Rich Soto, we strongly recommend her. Thank you so much Wendy!

Gunter Road, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

“What an amazing team. A professional group that restores the meaning of full service to the industry. Their attention to detail and well planned marketing schedule rendered a sale the first weekend on the market. Will continue to work with the KW Rich-Soto Team as they are results-driven to make every transaction a success.

21st Street, San Pedro, CA
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